Are you ready to take it to the next level?

Ignite Your Passion is a transformational program for those who are tired of being scared to make that big lea. The time is now! Tap into your intuition, discover your true purpose and change your life!



During this 12-week program, you will be guided through various stages that will help you to:

  • Uncover the source of your frustration and find your passion so that you can start feeling more fulfilled. begin the journey to feeling more fulfilled and less frustrated.

  • Identify and release the blocks and negative patterns that you can start to move towards the life that you want to live.

  • Tap into your intuition and learn to use it as your navigation system so that you feel confident, knowing that it is always there to guide you.

  • Dig deep to discover what really makes you tick (your passion) without which your life would have no real meaning or sense of satisfaction.

  • Learn how to incorporate this new-found passion into your life without fear, so that you don’t end up living a life of regret.

  • Live joyfully- it’s meant to be!

Clients enjoy working with me because of my calming presence and intuitive insights brought forth during our sessions. I create a loving space that’s safe and nurturing allowing for my clients to discover their true selves.

If you’re ready for results now, book a discovery call soon to find out if this program is for you. Space is limited!

You can expect: 

Personal breakthroughs

You will dig deep to discover what your soul truly needs. The things that give you the most joy. As a result, those feelings of frustration and lack of fulfillment with start to fade away and make room for your life’s passion. You will also work on identifying and releasing negative patterns that have been holding you back, breaking down the walls and letting go of the things that no longer serve you.  You will finally see the light.


Spiritual Connection

You will go through the process of tapping into learning to rely on your intuition. Whether you’re new to spirituality or wanting to learn more, there is no doubt in your mind that you have been divinely guided to seek more. There are no mistakes. You’re eager to find out what the Universe has in store for you, as scary as it may seem. Through this process you will also start to explore the world of spirit guides and angels. 


Dream Big

In the absence of all perceived obstacles how would your life look and feel? You don’t want to go through life wishing that you had made different choices or followed your heart. It’s time to embrace your dreams- picture it, feel it, live it! 



You’re not sure that you can do this. What will other people think or say? Believe in yourself. Your path is your own. We are all brought into this world with a unique gift to give. The world is waiting- it’s time for you to step into your authenticity, and make your contribution to the world. 


Over the course of 12 weeks you will receive:

One on one support

  • This program includes 6 one on one coaching sessions, scheduled every 2 weeks, to assist you in this process and for you to check in with me for support

Weekly lessons and exercises delivered via email

  • Modules will be released to you on a weekly basis so that you can work on each area one step at a time.

Access to the private Facebook group

  • You will have the opportunity to become part of a welcoming community of like-minded individuals. Access to this group will continue even after you have completed to the course so that you can share with one another and offer support.

Ignite Your Passion is a transformative process that forces you to dig deep and discover the source of your discontent and really start to live the life you envision for yourself.

You will be guided through a step by step process to identify your passion and purpose and find practical ways to implement it into your life. This could be anything from changing the way you carry yourself on a day to day basis to career change.

You will receive practical guidance through exploring various forms of meditation and learn to tap into your own intuition. 
You will finally be well on your way to breaking those limiting beliefs and thought patterns that no longer serve you.

By the end of the program get ready to meet the new you!


We’d be a match made in heaven if:

  • You’re tired of the status quo and you are ready discover how your life can be more meaningful.

  • You’re not sure where to start or what to do but you’re ready to dig down and listen to the voice of your soul. You know this is where the answers lie.

  • You’re afraid to make a move or of what others will think but there’s a bigger part of you that’s not willing to let this fear stand in your way.
  • You’ve always been drawn to your intuitive side and you want to learn to us it and trust it.

This is not for you if:

  • You’re okay staying where you are because it’s comfortable.
  • You’d rather go along with the crowd and hope that things turn out for the best.
  • Spirituality is not really your thing, it’s a little too “out there” for you.

Ignite Your Passion is a unique program that will gently guide you through your transformation process.

You will receive practical tools to assist you on this journey while receive support through coaching sessions as well as like-minded individuals in the private Facebook group.

You will strengthen your reliance on your intuition and begin to witness amazing changes in your life.

These are all things that I’ve done and I want to share what I’ve learned because I know you can do this! 

The choice is yours. You can continue on without rocking the boat, however regret will become your best friend.  Do you want to walk around with a pocket full of “what ifs”, or wake up every morning looking forward to the day ahead? How ready are you for this change?