Your reason for being Is Joy

Find your true passion embrace your authenticity and claim the happiness you deserve!


Your reason for being Is Joy

Find your true passion embrace your authenticity and claim the happiness you deserve!


Feeling stuck?



Dear joy-seeker,

Everything in your life right now feels like you’re stuck in a rut.  Yes, life has been good up until now. You made all the “right” decisions when it came to making career, family and life choices. However, you realize that your current life patterns no longer serve you and you’re wanting more. From the outside you seem perfectly fulfilled, but inside is a different story. Although you are thankful for the life you have had up until this point, the things that served you then do not serve you now. You are seeking greater meaning. It’s no mistake that your search for greater meaning has led you here.

You’ve been dreaming about the things you should have done. Instead, you did what others thought was best for you but the dreams you had back then are now re-emerging. Guess what? Dreams do come true! It’s never too late to pursue something new- your passion, but how do you know what that is?

You’re spiritually awake. You’ve started to explore spirituality and what it means to you, understanding that you are a spiritual being and that you have a greater purpose here on earth. You’re learning about this thing called intuition, a gift that we have all been given. It’s your internal navigation system. Trusting your intuition leads to magical outcomes and it will be your guide you on this journey.  Believe it or not, you hold all the answers.

Soul, spirit, intuition, universe … these terms keep popping up at every turn, making you hungry to learn even more. You’re constantly wondering … why am I here, what is my purpose? Your job no longer feeds your soul. Your beliefs are changing. The things you used to strive for no longer have meaning to you (wealth, material goods, some friends). It’s time to dig deeper and trust your intuition, it’s speaking to you loud and clear.

There’s also that little voice inside that keeps telling you that you’re being ridiculous. Friends and family tell you that you’re being unrealistic. This is not the vision that was laid out for you. Throughout life you have absorbed negative beliefs and thought patterns that are keeping you trapped and scared to make this big change. Let’s start to release these thoughts and put those fears to rest!

It’s now or never…

You’re eager to move forward and make changes in your life. You are no longer satisfied with your day to day routine and you need more meaning in your life. You need a way to quiet the voices of discouragement that only continue to feed the fear that lives inside you.

You’ve been trying to figure things out for a while now. What am I really meant to do? What would make me happy? You’ve read numerous books on spirituality and self-help which have helped you start to make that shift but have yet to arrive at an answer. You’ve gained a lot of information and you’re positive that a change is on the horizon but what is that and how do you get there? You’ve tried to discuss your concerns with friends and family but they just don’t seem to understand this new outlook of yours and they think it’s just a weird phase. You’re starting to feel like you’ll have to take this journey alone, and you’re ready to do that if that’s what it takes. that

At times, you start to doubt yourself and wonder if this is all worth it. Maybe everyone else is right. On the other hand, you think can I handle this misery for much longer?


You are ready to:

  • Learn more about yourself as a spiritual being so that you can reconnect with your higher self. You truly believe that this is one of the most important lessons in life.

  • Learn to tap into your intuition, a gift that we all have been blessed with to find your passion and allow it to lead you along this new and exciting journey. You now realize that this is the key, you just need some guidance as to how to use it.

  • Remove the blocks and old patterns that are holding you back from being your true self so you can bid farewell to those fears that do not serve you. This is no longer your story. You’re tired of the excuses that keep playing in your mind and you’re ready to wholly believe in yourself.

And most of all...

  • Find your source of joy and live it to the fullest because you deserve it. After all, your reason for being is joy! What a feeling!