Every human being is doing the best they can with the thinking that seems real to them.

This is where compassion lives.

In our daily lives, we encounter people with various personalities, opinions, ways of life etc. It can be quite effortless for us to jump to conclusions and unconsciously form our own opinions about others.

I challenge you to spend a day viewing others through the lenses of compassion. Take note of what changes. Do you feel different? You may find that it alters your routine exchanges, you’re moved to respond in a different manner, or perhaps not respond at all. Just listen. Your goal is not the change anyone, but to gain a better understanding of others. Meet them where they are.

Our differences, in their various forms, are what draw us together, intrigue us, make us want to know more and in essence, expand and evolve.

When an opportunity such as this presents itself, grab it. What better gift to offer to others than a new and improving you!

The power of words...

The power of words...

What power is there in words?

Think about something that you’ve been wanting to do, or the place in which you'd like to be (literally or figuratively). Perhaps you’re just dying to believe in yourself and what you can accomplish, but you always stop short. Nothing happens. Why is that? What’s holding you back?

Now speak these words out loud, to someone you trust or just to yourself. Shout it into the welcoming depths of a lush forest or an angry ocean wave just as it comes to grab you. Nobody else has to hear it, but you know that you have spoken these words. 

Can you feel the life that you’ve just injected into that idea or thought? Did it give you a burst of energy? Do you feel more confident in achieving this thing that you have now given life to?

Now … do you believe in the power of words?

Be like a wave...

Be like a wave...

Have you ever stood on the ocean shore and just watched the waves roll in?  Mesmerized.

I was standing with my husband in this very place and he said to me, "You know, we should just be like waves."  Just allow life to take us on our journey. Pushing us to the next stop ... and the next.

Why is it so hard for us to be like these waves? They come in and go out with such ease and fluidity (literally), never resisting. What would it be like to spend one whole day in such a state, permitting life to lead the way?

Perhaps we would be steered towards a more desirable path than the one we are currently on. Perhaps the long awaited answers to those burning questions would finally come into our vision. New ideas, new people, new beginnings ... 

Jump in and give it a try!