Marlene is truly a gifted life coach. She has genuine interest, and talent, in helping clients transcend limitations. Marlene is a kind and wise soul with an exceptional ability to intuit the self imposed "blocks" we are holding within ourselves. She is able to bring these often recognized limitations into view in a kind, compassionate and productive tone.

After sessions with Marlene, I have an increased sense of joy, calm trust and confidence that my self imposed obstacles are dissolving. This is a consequence of my new energetic frame of reference, facilitated by Marlene's talent and our joint will for this outcome. We move from fear to Love. Time spent with Marlene is gift to yourself!


I have been coached professionally for years and can't imagine doing my job without the support of my coach.  Marlene coached me personally and I was amazed at how quickly she spotted my blocks and with love, brought them to my attention. She gave me tools to dig deeper to overcome them.  I consider myself pretty advanced in the self care arena but was truly blown away by her uncanny intuitive reasoning.  I especially liked how she closed out the session with an angel card reading.  It summed up the session and provided hope moving forward.


Marlene is such a warm and gentle soul.  She has a unique ability to create the most comfortable safe space that allowed me to open my mind and heart to what the cards had to say.  As a result, she delivered a powerful reading that was perfect timing for me as I was searching for some answers during a period of big changes.  I walked away feeling clear and confident on how to move forward on my path towards the unknown.   Thank you Marlene, looking forward to our next session!

Kris C.

It was great talking to Marlene! She brought me into the space of calm when discussing pressing issues around my private practice and a upcoming residential move.  She is an excellent listener, understood what I was talking about and was able to guide me to consider new perspectives. Marlene is a strong intuitive and she brought this to the session, which I really appreciated. She is a natural coach.

After our session, I felt so inspired to a take action around my business and I brought a more relaxed approached to my personal situation.

Vivian Osal, Energy Healer, Channeler, Teacher