Every human being is doing the best they can with the thinking that seems real to them.

This is where compassion lives.

In our daily lives, we encounter people with various personalities, opinions, ways of life etc. It can be quite effortless for us to jump to conclusions and unconsciously form our own opinions about others.

I challenge you to spend a day viewing others through the lenses of compassion. Take note of what changes. Do you feel different? You may find that it alters your routine exchanges, you’re moved to respond in a different manner, or perhaps not respond at all. Just listen. Your goal is not the change anyone, but to gain a better understanding of others. Meet them where they are.

Our differences, in their various forms, are what draw us together, intrigue us, make us want to know more and in essence, expand and evolve.

When an opportunity such as this presents itself, grab it. What better gift to offer to others than a new and improving you!