Dear Joy-Seeker,

Are you living your life's true purpose? If not, how do you find it? Wouldn't it be so easy if as soon as you became an adult, someone handed you a map or an envelope with all the answers, and all you had to do was follow it? Well guess what? It's actually easier than that. You have the map!

Yes, I'm serious. The answer lies deep within you, a place that only you have access to. Each person has a unique purpose and journey to take in this life and you were born with the roadmap to guide you.

Think back to times in your life when you were stuck, had to make a decision, didn't know where to go. At some point I'm willing to bet that something kicked in and said, "do this." It might have come in the form of an idea, a little voice inside, or a voice from outside- maybe part of a conversation. That seemingly magical answer to your prayers was your intuition. The voice of your soul. This is where all your answers lie- just waiting for you to ask the question.

There is no truer voice than that of your soul. Just listen... 

Much love,