Dear Joy-Seeker,

Well it’s another new year and as tempted as I am to make some sort of resolution, I’m not going to. I used to try but I would eventually forget all about it within a few weeks, so instead of feeling like I repeatedly failed at what started out as a good intention, I just stopped making them. Just like that.

I now make an effort to create resolutions on a daily basis, it’s so much easier. Every time you wake up you have a brand-new opportunity to start over. It’s actually more refreshing to do it this way and you end up forming good habits over the long term. So for today, what will your resolution be? 

I’ll tell you mine. To be more open to allowing spirit to guide me. I live on the ocean and as I often sit and stare at the mesmerizing waves I’m convinced that if we just “be” like the waves we cannot go wrong. The waves do not resist, they just flow. They have no fear that they will get stuck on the shore, or too far out, or dry up, because they won’t! The natural pull brings them in and out on a silent rhythm that is perfect in every way. 

As I coach others and help them to tune in and trust, and just be, it’s also a reminder to myself to continue in that direction. We’re all in this together and when we connect we help each other to heal and to grow.

I had a fantastic year in 2018, doing what I love, guiding others and in turn being guided by others. This makes me happy and that’s what matters the most.

Happy new Year and I look forward to working with you!

Much love,