Hello Joy-Seekers, 

Recently I had the opportunity to attend a retreat in beautiful Hawaii, the Big Island. Our group spent the majority of the week enhancing our life coaching skills and redefining our goals and intentions however my biggest take away from the week, I would describe as a “spiritual reset.”

The time away as well as the surroundings (people and nature) allowed me to go a little bit deeper and take stock of not only how much I had grown but what direction I wanted to take, going forward. I made a few key decisions about my life as well as changes I want to make in my business (which you will see within the coming months).

We all become complacent and stop realizing that we've been drawn into the current of chaos and clutter of everyday life, which tends to block out the clarity that we need. 

So, whether it’s in Hawaii or in your own living room, I challenge you to do the same. Check out of the chaos for a moment and make the time and space to check in with yourself. Are you still happy with the way things are going? What would you like to change? Ready to try something new? Be grateful for the lessons that life has taught you thus far and be deliberate about how you present yourself in the world. Be authentic, be real, be joyful!

Press the reset button and see what happens…

Much love,