Hello Joy-Seekers,

As I sit and write this message to you all its pouring rain outside my window.

I don’t really like the rain or cloudy days but I know that it all serves a greater purpose in nourishing the earth…also some people really love the rain and probably feel the way I do on a sunny day.

Then it made me think about how broad reach and vast effect of rain. From each little drop of rain, so much is provided. Food for earth, flowers, crops…all living things. In one tiny drop. Each tiny drop does its part and together look at the limitless effect.

Can we be like tiny drops of rain in our own way?

Most of us want to do so much good in the world and it can be overwhelming to think about how to make a meaningful difference. But, every small thing you do IS meaningful. You may not see the ripple effect from offering words of kindness or lending a helping hand but believe me, it lingers on. In all corners of the earth there are others making their own “small” contributions, and like the rain drops it just keeps multiplying. One by one.

Where and how will you choose to make your tiny drop today? 

Much love,